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Product Numbers: 350, 351, 359

This true scale railroad comes in three sizes, all with Snap-Lock car connections and reversible tracks:

Musical Railroad sizes:
24-Piece Starter Set
38-Piece Intermediate Set
60-Piece Giant Set

60-Piece Giant Railroad Set (Product # 359)

This giant railroad set has almost 20 feet of track, including 17 curves, 3 straight sections, and 2 half tracks, in addition to 2 yokes, 1 bumper, 4 bridges, and 4 bridge supports. The set comes with a locomotive, freight car, coal car, caboose, turntable, and assorted signs and signal poles.

38-Piece Intermediate Railroad Set (Product # 351)

The intermediate set has 16 1/2 feet of track, including 18 curved sections, 2 yokes, crossover, starter, bumper,straight section, and 6 bridge supporters. It also comes with a locomotive, coal car, freight car, and a caboose.


Starter Railroad Set


24-Piece Starter Railroad Set (Product # 350)

Eleven feet of track in the starter set includes 13 curved sections, crossover, yoke, starter, and 2 bridge supporters. The train has a locomotive, coal car, freight car, and a caboose.

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