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Consultation Overview

Product Development
NEW products are the lifelines of any toy company. In order to introduce a new product, it generally requires:
  • An Idea

  • A Design

  • Development

  • Engineering

  • Tooling

  • Marketing

  • Packaging, Artwork, Instructions

  • Pre-manufacturing and

  • Manufacturing

All of this process can take one to two years of time plus an expense of one or two million dollars WITHOUT even knowing the degree of success of the new product.

By using the American Plastic alternate method of classic products with current technologies, a company may initiate a new product without the time, risk, and financial commitment normally associated with the development process. By having the tooling already in place for production, all one has to do is to apply their own brands, artwork and marketing strategy to make samples to “test” the market.

Consultation, Training
American Plastic's 40 years of experience with high recognition classic products that contain a strong inherent nostalgic component can be provided in the form of training or consultation. American Plastic's deep technical and mechanical knowledge of molds that is necessary for successful production is a comforting backup to those companies who are new to the business.

Through American Plastic's close affiliation with American Classic Toy, Inc., practical expertise in global manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sales is now offered as an option to those looking to profit from their endeavors.


American Derby

International Companies
that have used
American Plastic License and Molds

  • Cairo Plastics
  • Chempro
  • India Plast
  • Juguetes Toyco
  • Kiu Hung
  • Longshore Ltd.
  • Maquinados de Madera Diana S A de C V
  • Multiplast Ltd.
  • Naime Vigueras y Cia
  • Niboplast
  • Paladone
  • Perfect Plast
  • Plasgon
  • Plasticos de Matamoros
  • Plasticos Eusse
  • Playkid
  • Prima Toy
  • Proarce
  • Promeyco S A de C V
  • Seven Towns
  • Tornedo
  • Toys Educativos
  • Wenco

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