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Through a License a company gains the use of molds and intellectual property rights to manufacture and market a product in their territory without the time and expense normally associated with the startup of that product. Undoubtedly this is a mutually beneficial arrangement for American Plastics and their customers. The Licensee obtains the value of the recognition and good will associated with each product, paying a royalty percentage of sales. In general, licenses can be renewed for continuity. Pay as you go.
In some situations a customer may wish to experiment before committing to a purchase or license. This way, the quality, reliability, and production specifications of the tooling can be tested on their own machinery and market reception sampled.
When a product and its market is established, often companies prefer to own the tooling and intellectual property rights. This may be accomplished through an outright purchase. Purchases can be offset with lease payment or trade-in credits.
Trade-In Policy
American Plastic will accept as a trade-in a mold that was previously purchased from American at 50% of the value paid as a credit (not to exceed 50% of the new transaction) toward a new purchase. Transactions are subject to approval, but for over 35 years, approval has never been withheld.




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