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Doing Business with American Plastic Equipment, Inc.

With thousands of molds in its inventory, American Plastic Equipment, Inc. is a unique worldwide source of quality used molds. Manufacturers can use the molds and rights to produce completely developed plastic toys and housewares at a fraction of their value.

American Plastic guarantees its molds to be in good working order. Because our alternative development process eliminates much of the start-up time and cost, the risk factor is practically eliminated.

To get you started, or to expand your product line, American Plastic offers these three keys to your success:

American Plastic has designed several methods of making the molds accessible to manufacturers and to assist customers in achieving a competitive edge within the changing demands of the marketplace:

As part of our purchase program, American Plastic has a Trade-In Policy that makes ownership an attractive option.

“With American Plastics, it’s take it, and make it!”
James Keifer - Mattel Toymakers


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