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From its modest beginnings in 1971, American Plastic Equipment, Inc. (American Plastic) grew into the the world’s largest full-service dealer of used molds to produce plastic products. Headquartered in Sebring, Ohio, American Plastic provides product rights and quality, used Injection and Blow Molds. The molds and rights are utilized to manufacture completely developed and perfected viable plastic Toys and Housewares. Whether it is a single extension item or an entire product line, manufacturers obtain the tooling and rights at a fraction of their value.

The insightful Louis Marx operated under the concept that the best new product is a new twist on a prior successful product. Many of American Plastic's products already have high recognition due to the wide distribution, popularity, and past marketing provided by the original issue company.

In times of economic constraint, it makes sense to get product to market with as little financial commitment as possible. The American Plastic tried and true products may be updated to current technology and safety standards to compete in the 21st century. This approach is especially resonant with the very modern imperatives of: Go Green, Conserve, and Re-cycle.

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“With American Plastics, it’s take it, and make it!”.
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