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General Information on Molds
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About the Mold

Following a lengthy and expensive start-up process, the creative, intellectual, engineering, skilled craftsmanship, and labor is embodied in The Mold. The average set of steel injection molds to manufacture a toy requires about six months to one year to design and build, costing approximately $50,000 to $250,000. Usually it is necessary to have a set of several molds to make a single product.

Our molds have several potential applications: Mass Market, Collector, Bases, Components, or a New Product.
    Advantages of used molds:
  • Once inactive, under proper protection, a mold can be stored for any period of time; no special care or maintenance (just grease) is required. When properly designed, constructed of quality steel, and well maintained, they may last “forever”!

  • They can be summoned into use at any time, to make exactly the same item.

  • Each one is unique in the world.

  • They are universal and may be used on any conventional molding machine of appropriate capacity, anywhere in the world.

  • May be modified, used for other purpose or adapted for new requirements.

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Marketing Approach
There are several marketing approaches:

The Classic Re-Issue
Issue the original classic product from the original molds, to the original specifications, under the original intellectual property rights to evoke the nostalgic, high recognition of the classic.
New Product
A brand new idea for a new product or concept using existing tooling.
New Market
A successful product from the U.S. may be issued as a brand new product in a different market.
Current License or Trend
Apply the classic product with existing tooling to a current license or trend, i.e. the application of the two-dimensional Sudoku Puzzle to the Rubik’s puzzle cube* to make the three-dimensional Sudoku Cube.

Sudoku Cube
Sudoku Cube
from American Classic Toy


*The Sudoku Cube, Word Cube, and other puzzle cubes made under the license of American Plastic Equipment, Inc. are new products, not genuine Rubik's Cubes® and are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or approved by the authorized source of the Rubik's Cube® puzzle cube.


American Derby
American Classic Derby Game

American Toy Companies
that have operated under
American Plastic Equipment
License and tooling

  • Amloid
  • Azdek
  • Broadway Toy
  • Coleco Industries
  • Empire Toy
  • H.A.S. Marketing
  • H2O Co.
  • Hilco
  • Jakks Toy
  • Kid Power
  • Marx Toys, Inc
  • Marx Toy Corp
  • Marx Trains
  • North American Toy Co (NATCO)
  • P.E.P. Inc.
  • Pastime Industries
  • Peachtree
  • Pelican Products
  • Plastic Toy & Novelty Corp.
  • Poof-Slinky, Inc.
  • Rainbow Toy
  • Remco (Azrak-Hamaway)
  • Schylling Associates
  • Superior Toy
  • Toy Biz
  • Toy Max
  • Toy Street

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