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Client Services

The Licensee obtains the use of the molds and intellectual property rights to manufacture and market the product in their territory without the time and expense normally associated with the startup of that product. Also, the Licensee obtains the value of the recognition and good will associated with said product. Licensee only pays a royalty percentage of sales making it a safe transaction. Generally, the Licensee may renew their license for continuity. This format works out best for both parties. Pay as you go.

This is undoubtedly the optimum arrangement for American Plastics and their customers. We provide the product Rights and that all important Tool to make the item. The license agreement may be coupled with a manufacturing contract. If the customer uses an outside molder, the molder must enter into our Standard Molder’s Agreement. The intent is for this arrangement to cover several products (as many as possible) under a global contract, which products may be added to annually.
In certain instances, a customer may wish to “try an item out” or take a “test-drive” before committing to a purchase or license. This way, the quality, reliability, and production specifications of the tooling can be used in their own machinery and market reception sampled.

When a company enters into a short-term lease, an option may be included to purchase or license the same product less a 50% credit of the lease fee paid to date. In this fashion a company may test the tooling and market without risk. The lease price is usually 20% of the purchase.
When a company is convinced of their market and the product, often they prefer to own the tooling and intellectual property rights. This may be accomplished through an outright purchase. If it follows a lease, the purchaser may apply 50% of the lease paid toward the initial payment of the purchase.
Trade-In Policy
American Plastic will accept trade-ins of molds that were previously purchased from American Plastic. Trade-ins are valued at 50% of the original amount paid as a credit toward a new purchase (not to exceed 50% of the new transaction). All trades are subject to approval, but for over 35 years, approval has never been withheld.

Reissue of Hang On Harvey game

International Companies
that have used
American Plastic License and Molds

  • Cairo Plastics
  • Chempro
  • India Plast
  • Juguetes Toyco
  • Kiu Hung
  • Longshore Ltd.
  • Maquinados de Madera Diana S A de C V
  • Multiplast Ltd.
  • Naime Vigueras y Cia
  • Niboplast
  • Paladone
  • Perfect Plast
  • Plasgon
  • Plasticos de Matamoros
  • Plasticos Eusse
  • Playkid
  • Prima Toy
  • Proarce
  • Promeyco S A de C V
  • Seven Towns
  • Tornedo
  • Toys Educativos
  • Wenco

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